About this Blog

1st UAYFThis blog was created to share experiences and stories of my internship program with UNESCO Office in Jakarta, while I was doing an ICT training for young radio hosts in Banda Aceh back in 2007.  Later in May 2013, the blog was relaunched with the title “Reiza with UNESCO” to share broader and wider stories of the awakening and enriching years I experienced while working with different agencies and offices of UNESCO throughout the globe. Starting from my internship with UNESCO Office in Jakarta, my voluntary work with the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, the 1st UNESCO Asian Youth Forum with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, the 5th Youth Forum at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and brief work with UNESCO Office in Bangkok.

Getting engaged in UNESCO’s activities for more than 2 years, has definitely changed my path of life; it was awakening and enriching in so many ways.  It was really a great ride; something that I was really proud of, and I still am.

I am no longer with UNESCO for more than four years now but I am trying to recollect all the pieces of experiences I obtained from November 2006 to February 2009.  And sharing them here hoping that somebody could benefit from this blog.  And thus, I hope by sharing those experiences somebody else could get inspired and this blog could give my perspectives about the organization and readers could learn from the experiences and stories I am writing here.


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